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Did you know 
untreated car
accident injuries 
can lead to serious problems?

Insomnia, dizziness, low back pain,
headaches, numbness and tingling,
sciatica, neck pain and a long list of
other problems can arise from untreated
injuries due to car accidents.

Located in Somerset, KY, Dr. Bramble helps individuals just like you, everyday, recover from auto accident injuries.  If your injuries are left untreated they can turn into serious and long-term problems.

Call Doctor Bramble, today.  There is absolutely no reason to allow your pain to go on any longer.  If you are experiencing any pain associated with a car accident, Doctor Bramble has the knowledge and tools necessary to help you.  After all, it's what he does, he helps people.

Schedule an 

appointment today.

Call 606.679.1433

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